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Francis, PFast Track Classics are a quick way to a range of exciting stories, from the chilling tale of Dracula to the gripping adventure of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and the powerful murder-mystery story of the Hound of the Baskervilles. These stories are shortened versions of the classic novels, which along with the accompanying audio CD, lose none of the strength and flavour of the originals. Each story has a full glossary at the back of the book and comprehension, vocabulary and language activities for each title are available to download. Each story contains: * an audio CD of the complete story * a full glossary * downloadable comprehension, vocabulary and language activities on the webs
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FECHA 2007
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40.5 € iva incluido. estuche mujeres singulares. protagonistas (jane eyre/ madame bovary) flaubert, gustave, bronte, charlotte. planeta s.a., editorial isbn 978-84-08-19776-8 25.95 € iva incluido. estuche mujeres singulares.

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Lectura graduada con textos adaptados según el nivel de conocimiento de vocabulario y estructuras gramaticales de los alumnos. Incluye CD audio con la grabación completa de la lectura y actividades adicionales.