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Appleyard, Field, and Cobb's International Economics 5e text is an International Economics textbook that offers a consistent level of analysis and treatment of the two main subdivisions of international economics'international trade theory and policy and international monetary theory and policy. Comprehensive and clear, the text helps students move beyond recognition toward and understanding of current and future international events.
AUTOR(A) Dennis R. Appleyard
FECHA 2004
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1.3B The International Flow of Labor and Capital 10 Case Study 1-4 Major Net Exporters and Importers of Capital 11 1.4 International Economic Theories and Policies 12 1.4A Purpose of International Economic Theories and Policies 12 1.4B The Subject Matter of International Economics 12 1.5 Current International Economic Problems and Challenges 13

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The King reader is a collection of articles on international economics by leading economists drawn from various scholarly sources (e.g., Foreign Affairs, Current Issues in Economics and Finance, Finance and Development, Federal Reserve Publications, the Journal of Economic Perspectives).